Ducati World Attraction in Mirabilandia

Ducati World Mirabilandia - an experience for the guests of hotel Baya in Milano Marittima
The interactive rollercoaster, inspired by the racing world, which simulates the driving of a Panigale V4. But not only: Mirabilandia realizes, in the heart of the Motor Valley, an entire area totally dedicated to the world of Ducati, the first in the world dedicated to a motorcycle brand within an amusement park. Approximately 35,000 square meters will be destined for young people and families who want to immerse themselves and live the passion and the world of the red Ducati; here you will find attractions for young and old, three dining options inspired by the world of Ducati and Scrambler, a Ducati Shop with gadgets and accessories and a gallery-museum where the cars of Borgo Panigale will be exhibited. But the most interesting news will be the new roller coaster that will rise at Ducati World. Superbike Race will be an innovative attraction, which Mirabilandia will have exclusively until 2021, characterized by a unique interactivity.

Superbike Racing: a new innovative and interactive coaster
On board this new coaster passengers will compete in real races, given that each "driver" will have full control of the acceleration of his vehicle and can decide how to tackle the track in the hunt for the best time.
A real head to head then, since the tracks will be two, side by side and very similar between independent loroma, where two "bikes" will compete in a race of speed. Each car will have two seats and only those in front, the pilot in fact, will have control of acceleration and for the first time in a coaster we talk about interaction, where the passenger will not passively suffer the falls of the vehicle but decides in first person when to push on the accelerator.
On the track will run a car composed of two elements connected to each other, one where they will place the two passengers, arranged in line one behind the other just like in motion, and the other, which is the real powertrain, driven by an engine electric that takes power directly from the track where there is a traditional blinds.
The innovation lies in the system in which the engine transfers the traction to the track, an exclusive patent of the manufacturer Spike Racing, which Mirabilandia obtained exclusively until 2021 and which offers a precision and a control never seen before, essential to offer the interactivity required by the tender.

Speed ​​and interactivity in total security, without forgetting the Socials
The maximum speed that can be reached is about 60 km / h, with a maximum acceleration of 1.2 g; nothing exceptional on paper, but thanks to the possibility of control entrusted to the pilot, and the unique reactivity that a powerful electric motor can offer, they assured us that the experience will be unique and very exciting. On each track 6 different vehicles can challenge each other, for a total of 12, which brings the attraction to a capacity of about 900 people per hour. Safety is guaranteed by a system of mobile blocks, where the safety block follows in real time every single vehicle equipped with its PLC, managed in turn by the PLC-Master in the control room.
Being a race, Mirabilandia could not neglect the social aspect of the experience. Just as every single user will have a display on his vehicle that will provide him with fast acceleration speed and race time, so at the end of the course, in the "box" area there will be a summary of results, where the best riders of the day will be announced. , of the month and of the year. This will fuel the desire for competition and will certainly give birth to the desire to try SuperBike Racing more than once.