Cervia Spa

Hotel Baya has an agreement with Terme di Cervia, which can be reached walking through the pinewood of Milano Marittima (20 minutes away) or with bicycles that the hotel offers free. For those who prefer, the bus stop is 100 meters far from the hotel. Hotel Baya offers a discount of up to 10 % on spa treatments (for a minimum of nr. 3 treatments).

Bordering the sea and surrounded by the pinewood and salt pans, Terme di Cervia is an ideal retreat for all those who seek spa therapy and relax or simply want to enjoy a break from home. Cervia-Milano Marittima is a seaside resort able to offer many and qualified tourist attractions and services so successful to make your stay as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Terme di Cervia facilities are set in the deep vegetation of the pinewood, which further extends to a nature park; halls are large, modern and functional.

The application of salso-bromo-iodic water, and mud extracted from the local salt pans, varies to suit different therapeutic goals, ranging from joint-and-bone pain relief to treatment of ear-nose-and-throat conditions. Spa therapy has advanced considerably over time thanks to a deeper understanding and more effective use of the healing properties of a water that is rich in minerals. At Cervia, spa therapy has become a very useful – and at times irreplaceable – resource in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation cases. At the same time, it also represents an effective natural break from everyday life and a complement to pharmaceutical therapies.