Booking a Padel Court in Milano Marittima

Booking a paddle court in Milano Marittima is easy: just contact the Hotel Baya, sea view hotel in the city centre of Milano Marittima, which has a new paddle court set in a garden with a semi-Olympic swimming pool, hydromassage, water games and slides for children, and a bar where you can relax after the game! Padel instructors and padel courses are available, and there are also two synthetic grass tennis courts.
Never heard of padel? Padel is a relatively young and very entertaining game that was born just half a century ago in Mexico. It was the intuition of a wealthy citizen of the capital city that sparked the idea: he wanted to build an outdoor tennis court, but with the ball never leaving the court and being in constant motion. Since then, Padel has become increasingly popular.
In Spain, a prince who was a friend of the Padel inventor even had an identical court built in his resort in Marbella. In just a few years, this curious tennis variant has become a full-fledged sport and has spread to the United States and the rest of the world. It's a fun game for everyone, just fast enough to keep fit and hectic enough to entertain spectators.


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